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What Our Members Say

Aileen and Mooney are not only good coaches, but great people first. You build a community with care and enthusiasm for change, and they have a great foundation of both between the two of them. Mooney has a great beard too!

Sean F

Aileen and Mooney the owners of BTG Athletics are extremely thoughtful, educated, and technically sound with their coaching technique. Athletics boxes can sometimes be intimidating and you can feel like you don’t fit in. Aileen and Mooney approach each member with a genuine interest in their success and improvement. They are empathetic and tough and ask you to ask more of yourself. Their leadership is subtle, kind, and unwavering. They effortlessly create a community of support and encouragement. Read more

Devon B

Aileen and Dennis are the BEST! They are super patient (I had NO idea what I was doing) and they both have been helping me along my fitness journey. They are encouraging, but make me want to me better- which is awesome. I was very hesitant about my cross fit journey, but they eased me right in and I am loving it. My diet has changed and I am loving myself (and them) for my progress. If you are even thinking of trying this, go and meet them! Read more

Rachel Z - 29


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