Kim’s Transformation

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Kim’s Transformation

Meet Kim!  Kim joined Bridge The Gap Athletics in July of 2019.  When she stepped through the doors on Trooper Road, she was nervous, uncertain, but her need to change her habits and health far surpassed her pull to stay in her comfort zone.  As her 50th approached, she realized she just was not happy with her current state & she needed help and accountability to move in the right direction.  With a combination of group Athletics classes & our Elevate Nutrition program, Kim has changed, not only her lifestyle, but her LIFE, the trajectory of her HEALTH, & continues to make strides toward her long-term goals.  Congratulations Kim!


I just want to send a huge THANK YOU to Aileen & the Elevate Program at BTG Athletics!

I have been struggling with my weight since birth (whopping 9 lbs.5 oz.).  But in all seriousness, I really have struggled both mentally & physically with my weight. I have tried every “diet” on the planet – counting points, tracking apps, shakes & meal replacement, intermittent fasting…I could go on and on.  This spanned many decades (that just aged me I know) but as another birthday approaches, I knew once more that I wasn’t on the right track and I was tired of starting over.

I remember doing a well-known program that’s basis is to show up to a meeting, hand over your money, hop on a scale, and then mingle & chat.  No one there really cared if the scale went up or down as long as you paid the weekly fee.  When I first started Elevate, it was intimidating but I knew it was different from the start.  I have never been so open about my eating or followed so closely. I also have never weighed myself every day. I quickly realized that this program was going to keep me completely accountable for every decision I made throughout the day.  What I also realized was that Aileen genuinely cares!  She was invested in my health and offered help at every turn.  I decided if she cared this much maybe, I should too! 

I started to take all of her feedback and put it to the test. People – they work! I listened to her (not always, but most of the time) and incorporated changes to my diet & lifestyle.  You’d think this is something I could have done myself but clearly, I could not and did not.

My biggest takeaway from Elevate was how I learned to ask myself hard questions and then find the answers – even when it was hard to hear & admit.  Why am I overweight and out of shape? I am big boned, it is in my DNA, my hormones must be off, and of course my favorite way to shuffle the blame – the scale must be broken or the batteries need to be replaced.  

What I found out about myself is that I am good with making excuses.  With Aileen keeping me accountable, she always had my back, but gently brought me back to the facts – that I am the only one that decides how/what I eat and at the end of the day, making decisions that support my goals was/is the only way I would be successful with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.  Tackling my “whys” with help  has allowed me to change my lifestyle long term.

The maintenance part of the program (after an initial 8 weeks) has been so helpful keeping me accountable.  I definitely still needed help with the accountability, especially being stuck at home!  I don’t want old habits to creep back in!

If you need a kick-start into a healthier you, please give Aileen and Elevate a try. The program is amazing but even more than that, Aileen is a truly the most supportive and caring coach/person you will find!

Interested in learning more? Click here for a free call.

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