Cathie’s Transformation

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Cathie’s Transformation

I started my journey at Bridge the Gap CrossFit in July 2019.  I was looking to become a better version of myself – stronger, more fit, and healthier. I’ve always enjoyed being active and I had begun competitive dragon boat racing.  I was looking to get in better shape and be a stronger paddler.

Weight that I’d put on was not coming off. I was not the version of myself that I wanted to be and I realized I needed something different in order to achieve this.  I was not progressing in either fitness or nutrition on my own.  I was tired of being tired and was anxious about trying something new.  I thought to myself, “Being stuck is scarier than progressing.  Spinning my wheels – time to put it in gear.” Bridge the Gap came across my Facebook feed.  I thought it was a sign and made the call to BTG.  I jumped into the Elevate Nutrition program which helped me unlearn so many of the bad habits I’d learned. It provided me with the support, guidance, coaching, and accountability I didn’t know I needed.  It has been a cornerstone of my success.

My workouts started at 2 classes per week.  They were challenging, varied, and fun. I was experiencing such improvement in my physical ability and increased my workouts then increased to 3 times, then 4 classes per week and a set of 8 week barbell classes. I’m 100% hooked on these workouts and both the physical and mental stimuli they provide.

In less than a year, I’ve reinvented myself through the coaching and guidance of Aileen, Dennis, the coaches and members of Bridge the Gap.  I’ve learned so much about myself.  One of the most important is – you can’t do this alone – find your people.  The people who will push you while supporting you.  BTG are those people for me.  It’s an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had at a gym. This has had an enormous impact  in all aspects of my life: a clean bill of health from my doctor, increased energy, better sleep, increased strength and endurance. 

I’m so unbelievably grateful that I pushed myself to take a chance on something new.  Joining Bridge the Gap CrossFit was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  It’s real. It’s challenging.  It’s so fun. And it’s 100% worth it.  

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