Andrea’s Story

I started at Bridge the Gap in December of 2019 after a Bring a Friend Friday workout. I knew my health had gotten out of control and 2020 was the time to turn things around.  I was also very depressed after losing my mom to cancer a few years ago. I was sad and eating made me feel better. I admit I had given up, I felt lonely all the time. In addition, I had been spending way too much time sitting either in front of a computer, in a car commuting to the office or driving kids to and from sports. It was time to prioritize myself!

That first workout was a partner one, I could not run, I could not do push ups/pull ups, box jumps and burpees forget it! But it was the most fun that I had in years (thank you to Kim Aubrey-Larcinse). I met with Aileen and joined immediately 3 times a week. I struggled, came in last for most WODs ( workouts of the day ) and was nervous as hell that I was going to injure myself (I had just finished about 4-5 months of physical therapy for my hip). But I never felt judged, all the coaches were so motivating and encouraging. I truly trusted the coaches to give me something scalable and watch my movements to make sure my form was good to prevent injuries while still challenging and inspiring me to push myself.     

By the end of March, I noticed progress. I was stronger, had a few muscles & down 20+ pounds😊.  I was becoming faster at work outs. Then due to COVID-19, the gym closed but Aileen & Dennis developed personal programming and Zoom classes which I desperately needed so as to not give up or lose momentum. I have remained consistent and through it all, the members have held each other accountable and I have formed these amazing connections that are irreplaceable!

Athletics has changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. I was often limited by my own doubts about myself and my abilities. Somewhere along the journey, not only did my body change but so did my mind.  I can’t wait to see my progression after another few months!

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